• Real bikes not toys
  • A Ridgeback kid’s bike is engineered to take the knocks and built to last.
  • Offering long term reliability and unbeatable value for money, the robust but light frame makes it easy for a child to lift and handle their bike.
  • For six to nine and eight to eleven year olds who don’t want suspension, the RX20, RX24, Cherry and Serentiy are new models with a Hi-Ten steel fork.
  • To cater for eight to eleven year old riders who are looking for more of an everyday bike, we have introduced a new model called Dimension. It combimes all the principles of the Rapide series with features designed specifically for smaller riders.
  • From 12″ to 24″, every Ridgeback kid’s bike is constructed to the same exacting standards as an adult bike and undergoes professional assembly and safety checking by qualified bicycle mechanics.